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Rehearsed answers in an interview epitomize insincerity

➔ One telltale sign of an amateur theater production is that there is no emotion in the actors dialogue. You know, it’s just sounds rehearsed.

The same is true in a political speech. How sincere can that candidate be if everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it is straight off an index card – or teleprompter. So why would a job interview be any different?

The fine line between prepared and “canned response”

Aren’t you supposed to be prepared for a job interview and wouldn’t that also include rehearsing your answers to typical (and/or anticipated) questions? Yes. And yes.

You most definitely should be well drilled in how to answer certain questions. The trick is to not make it sound rehearsed. Make that well prepared and well practice response sound extemporaneous and conversational. Easier said that done.

Let’s start with the day before (at least the day before if not sooner) you should be rehearsing how you will respond to anticipated questions. This is where a job-search buddy comes in handy.

Meet with your buddy and practice your lines. Practice pauses. Practice eye contact. Not so much that you get the information right (although that is very important), but have your buddy assess how you sound. Do you sound believable? Do you sound conversational? Or, do your answers sound “canned”?

If you don’t have a job-search buddy, (Which you should, but that’s another topic for another day.) a family member may serve that function just as well. Or, worst case scenario, a friendly mirror may do the trick.

However you do it, make certain that when you respond to your job interviewer, make it sound like it’s something genuine; something you really believe.


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