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A Fine Pair

Having a job-search buddy can help in many different areas

One company we know used to assign an existing staff member to new hires to get them situated, provide guidance, answer questions and, in general, just be there for them. They acted as a Big Brother or Big Sister – except that they were called Special Orientation Buddies, or SOBs for short.

As a job seeker, you may find such a kindred spirit a big boost to your job search. It’s not dissimilar to those individuals who need someone to work out with to ensure that they maintain their exercise regimen. Or, a special friend to help keep you on your diet. People with substance issues (such as AA) use their “sponsors” in much the same fashion.

Your job-search buddy doesn’t have to be someone in your line of work, or even within the same industry. In fact, a strong case could be made to select someone specifically who doesn’t match you professionally.

This is someone who can review a resume or cover letter – and can do so dispassionately. It’s also someone who may know someone at a particular organization that you’re targeting. Someone to keep you – and you in turn – on the straight and narrow as well as motivated and encouraged.

Just how often you meet with this person, how often you connect (by phone, email, text) will be determined by the individuals involved. Many such job-seeking pairs having a standing first-thing Monday morning get together. Meeting at a coffee shop or fast food just to review your plans for the week, report on how you did in the past week, and share news and information is a great way to start the week.

Finally, by sharing this trying experience, it’s not unlikely that you may find a friend, colleague and confidant for life.


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