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How to Turn Age-Related Stereotypes to Your Advantage When Job Searching

Awareness of… misconceptions can empower older individuals to harness their unique strengths and experiences


mature working woman posing

A Sweet Dream Comes True


How one couple chucked it all for their dream job
(and you can, too)

by Ellen Ryan at




These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

Want to Make Self-Employment Work for You? Consider These Tips

I’m 50 years old,
and self-employment is on my horizon for 2024

by Mary Baldwin at

self employed


Different Vantage Points
Your perspective of a job may be very different
from the employer’s

➔    When you’re looking for a job, you probably have certain things weighing heavily on your mind. Am I going to like what I’m doing? Will they pay me enough money? Will I fit into the organization’s culture? Will I get along with my co-workers? Are there enough benefits associated with the job to make it worth my while? All valid questions. All legitimate concerns… from your perspective.

Job interview


High-paying flexible work is becoming more scarce, with listings for hybrid jobs paying $100,000 or more falling by 69 percent last quarter compared to the quarter before.  

                                                            — Ladders

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