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9 Ways To Screw Up a Job Search When You’re 50 or Older

Many potential employers value older workers for their experience and work ethic

by Maryalene LaPonsie at

older woman screaming at laptop

Career Mobility Success Story


150 Million jobs will shift to mature workers by 2030

by Laurel McDowell and Lynn Winter Gross at

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Turn job search on its ear.
Job Search redefines traditional career search 
by merging essential job search strategy with AI-driven coaching 
for more creative, more productiv
e results. 
Sessions are January 16, 23 and 30 at 7:00 p.m. (EST). 
Open to the first 15 professionals who

How Face Apps Contribute to Ageism

These apps perpetuate the idea that ageing
is something to be avoided

by Michela Di Carlo at

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I Love Escalator Speeches
Guest blog by Phil Stella

➔    We all know that elevator speeches should be the short and simple answer to the often-asked question at networking events - “What do you do?.” Sometimes, they’re even clever, but most of the time they're lame, too long and forgettable. Even so, they’re still a fact of business life.

London Tube


By modifying 100 real CVs for a specific job listing and comparing them with their original versions,  ChatGPT made an average of 14 embellishments per CV, with changes ranging from slight rewordings to substantial additions in skills and experiences.


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