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Talent War Ends as Over-50s Fuel
Intense Competition for Jobs

Competition for jobs has doubled since last year
amid a decline in vacancies

by Tom Haynes at

group of older workers

Why ‘Poly-Employment’
May Be 2024’s Next Big Work Trend


Working more than one job is getting a re-brand

by A.J. Hess at

Older man on street



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How Many Applications Does it Take to Get a Job?

On average it takes 21 to 80 job applications
to get one job offer

by Chris Kolmar at



The Other Side of the Desk
Employers don’t exist to provide you with a job

➔    Dealing with HR types and hiring managers can be extraordinarily frustrating for job seekers – understandably so. They don’t give enough weight to your strong points. They don’t appreciate your experience. They move too slowly when making decisions. Blah, blah, blah.

       Don’t be misled by our seeming cynicism. We agree. You’re right. 

Meeting Between Colleagues


A record high 8.69 million people now hold multiple jobs to make ends meet, including 6.6 million that work a full-time job plus a part-time job.


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