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How Experienced Employees
Can Revolutionize The Workplace

Gen Xers and Baby Boomers provide deep subject matter expertise and tribal knowledge

by Sander van ‘t Noordende at

confident businessman

The Race Gap in U.S. Employment Has Disappeared for One Age Group: Workers 65 and Over

The closing of the gap is partly thanks to an aging white population and a tight labor market

by Clarisa Diaz and Michelle Cheng at

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FREE! When you’re out of work and money is tight, you may be on the lookout for a great deal on products and services to aid you in your job search. Our new Deals&Steals section provides listings for free job boards, resume services, software, software extensions and more! Even the paid services have free versions you can try to see if they can make you more efficient and more productive.

In China, 35 is an Age to be Feared

The prevailing sentiment is you're no longer
a desirable employee after that age

by Kate Seamons at

older woman working on laptop

Never Too Late
50+ and out of work? It’s not too late.

➔    It might seem natural to assume that if you’re past age 50 and out of work success has eluded you and you’re just stuck and all you have to look forward to is “hanging on” until you can retire. Not so and there’s plenty of evidence to prove just that. The landscape is littered with people who found success later in life and/or are still going at it today long past what people used to consider “retirement age.”

Senior Digital Programmer

60 Percent of those surveyed say they expect to rely on a full-time job as a source of income during retirement, while 63 percent expect to work a part-time job in those years.

                                                         —   HRBrew

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