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Is the Age of 45 Late to Find Your Favorite Job?

"I’m not going to come to end of my life wishing 'if only' bs."

by Tomas Smith at

mature teacher+

Find Your Perfect Job Match with These Free Online Tools

It’s never too late to try something new…
these are the best jobs for people over 50

by Serena O'sullivan at

older woman working

How To Write A LinkedIn Profile When You’re Unemployed

If you're unemployed, you actually have better opportunities to promote yourself

by Laura Smith and Jenna Arcand at

workdesk with glasses

Blow Your Own Horn
It’s not bragging if you can back it up

➔    If you’re like most people, you feel at least a little awkward about blowing your own horn. Let’s face it, it makes most people uncomfortable to talk about themselves at all – much less in a flattering way.

Smiling Man

Need Help?

    Are you stuck in a quandry over what to do next? Do you want to stay in your same line of work, or do you want to explore something new? Something different? Do you want to try your hand at doing what you’ve always dreamed of? What is the best line of work for you?

    We can help. Our “Ideal Job Workbook” is more than just a simple five-minute quiz. Our workbook digs into what you really want to do and offers a plan as to how to find that job. Download your copy.

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