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Getting Hired Without a Resume or a Job Interview

"Open hiring" is now possible at some employers

and can be helpful for certain 50+ applicants

by Chris Farrell at

Age discrimination is deeply ingrained in the job market. Nearly anyone laid off after 50 can tell stories of dismissal, frustration and ageist moments in the hunt for work. Worse yet are the experiences of many older job seekers who are Black, women or have a high school education or less. But what if you could get a job without showing a resumé or a job interview?

    That's not a pipedream. A small but important movement is pushing the concept of what's known as "open hiring."

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Job Seeker Put off by Sloppy, “Half-His-Age” Recruiter

by Dale Dauten and Jeanine J.T. O'Donnell at

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I am 55-years old, and I’ve never had trouble getting a job. But the past year has been terrible. Most recently, I came across a job where I had two people refer me in. I had 85% of the requirements. When the recruiter finally called me, she was unprofessional – 30 minutes late and all over the place. She followed up with several different emails, because she kept forgetting to ask me for things. Two weeks later, I was rejected. I feel like I never really got a shot. How do I get around some of these less-experienced, dare I say incompetent recruiters who are half my age?

LinkedIn Will Guarantee Your Next Interview

— If You Can Pass A Test

by Kristin Stoller at

Tired of applying for jobs and never hearing back? Job seekers, rejoice: LinkedIn announced the launch of a new pilot program… that guarantees candidates interviews with recruiters — if they can pass a test.

    Through the new skills-based hiring program, called Skills Path, hiring managers at participating companies, such as Microsoft, BlackRock and Ralph Lauren, will identify the core skills candidates must possess to perform specific roles. Free LinkedIn Learning Courses will be curated around these core skills and offered to job seekers. When applying for jobs at these employers on LinkedIn, candidates will be asked to demonstrate their skills in a multiple-choice LinkedIn Skill Assessment, as well as in a video or written test. Those who pass earn interviews with company recruiters.

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Working Your Network

All the experts agree that networking is the key to finding your next job

Virtually all job-search experts agree that networking is one of the most important things you can do in your job search. In fact, many of those experts will not hesitate to say that networking is the number one thing to expedite your job search…

    That said, where does one begin. In 2021, LinkedIn is as good a place to start as anywhere.  MORE

Social Gathering

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is a U.S. problem?

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