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You were let go from your job because of lack of performance. Your boss said you were uninspired, and she was correct. It was time to go. Now you’re wondering what the hell you’ll do. You had 15 years of productive program management, until you lost the fire in your gut three years ago.

    You ran into stagnation. There was nowhere to go in the organization. You wanted a change. No, you needed a change.   MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

Are You Ready for the F-Bomb?
This is something every 50+ job seeker must embrace

➔    We recently read an account of a journalist who covers the HR space about his 3-day trip to Las Vegas for HR Transform 2022 conference. It was a gathering for HR leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on the modern workplace. They discussed ways HR professionals can shape the workplace and the employee experience.

    He pointed out that “It didn’t matter the conversation or the panel topic, before leaving the stage, nearly every speaker dropped the F-bomb…   MORE

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