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5 Ageism Stereotypes That Need to Be Broken

by C.W. Headley at

Ageism is one of the most blatant and rampant forms of employment discrimination today. Younger colleagues and managers sometimes dismiss older workers as useless, technologically ignorant, boring, or simply not healthy — often with no basis in reality or performance.
   But like so many of the myths we tell ourselves, many of our attitudes toward older workers are simply incorrect. 

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Myths & Facts About Older Workers

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

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Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job

(Even If You’re Completely Miserable)

by Ariella Coombs and Jenna Arcand at

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You're Afraid Of The Unknown
   The truth is, starting a new job can be intimidating. You're walking into a new situation and you're not sure what to expect. The best thing you can do is get to know the company as much as you can before accepting a job offer there. Learn it inside and out, make an effort to get to know people you'd be working with over LinkedIn or coffee, and ask questions that can give you insight on the company culture.

How to Spot a Good (Or Bad) Boss in a Job Interview

by Sonal Bahl at

People don’t leave companies, people leave bosses. Yes, yes, we’ve heard this for years. Then I heard something else: people don’t leave bosses, they leave a toxic work culture. Then I read that the number one reason people leave is because their position didn’t fulfil them. Then I heard about a Gallup study where 70% of leavers claimed it was due to their manager, not the position itself. (I can’t find that survey but have heard it quoted)…
   I always tell my clients during our interview preparation sessions, when they meet their hiring manager (who will be their future boss), that they are assessing for fit as well, not just the other way around. It’s a two-way street, always.


Who Put the “Work” in Network?

There’s that word again. But it does “work.”

Is there anything in your job search that can be proved to be more valuable than networking? All the job search data says, “No!”
   We won’t bog you down with numbers here, but out there in the real world, there are a lot numbers to back this up. For example, LinkedIn claims that as many as 80 percent of all job placements can be attributed in one way, shape or form to networking. Let’s not belabor the point.  MORE 

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