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The Secret to Getting a Better Job After 50

Strategies professionals say helped them in the fourth decade of their work lives

by Ray A. Smith at

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How to Find a Return to Work Program after a Career Break

Professionals with career breaks of more than two years
may be able to return to the workforce through
increasingly popular returnship programs.

by Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza at

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Finding a New Job After 50

I was suddenly unemployed. What’s worse, I was 53 years old.


personal rejection

Great Candidate
Or just another pretty face?

➔    No, we’re not talking political candidates.  We’re talking about YOU!  You, the job candidate. At a recent panel discussion of corporate HR types, the group was asked, “Where do you go to find great talent?”  Here are some of the responses.

Studio Portrait

What makes a candidate accept a position? Payment and compensation (49 percent), a chance to achieve professional development (33 percent), and improve their work/life balance (29 percent).


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