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5 Tips To Beat The Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

"…you need to become an expert in beating the bots."

by Andrew Fennell at

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How Can I Change Careers Mid-Stream?

"There’s a ton of re-hashed advice out there
about how to change careers"

by Nick Corcodilos at

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Help Wanted: No Over-50s Need Apply

How are older Americans supposed to keep working until they’re 70 (or older) if nobody is going to employ them over 50? 

by Brett Arends at

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Time Has Come Today
Older job seekers tend to be more time conscious than younger generations

➔    There is actual scientific data that shows that older job workers are more conscientious when it comes to arriving at work on time and putting in a full eight-hour workday. According to the Bureau of Business Management, 97 percent of employers find older workers “reliable.”

Clock in Station

"When a candidate doesn’t respect (a recruiter’s) time, it tells her that they may be an inconsiderate employee. Last-minute interview cancellations and full-on ghosting are among her biggest red flags."
                               —   HR Brew