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The Bifurcated and Opaque Issues

of the 55+ Job Market in 2021

by Marc Miller at

The 55+ job market in 2021 is both bifurcated, those who have stayed employed versus those who have been unemployed, and the issues are very opaque.
   I have spent the last 6 months talking to career professionals of all types to understand what they are seeing. This has included resume writers, career coaches, and job club leaders from across the United States. This post is about what they have been telling me.

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

What We Know About How Covid-19

Affected Older Workers and Employment

by Lorie Konish at

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The Covid-19 pandemic has not been the job crisis the Great Recession was for older workers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier for people in that age cohort to find new work.
   In fact, April 2020 saw the biggest gap ever in the unemployment rate between workers 65 and up and those ages 25 to 54.
   Today, the numbers for older workers do not look as dire.

How To Talk About Your Career Change

(When You’re Still Working It Out)

by Katie Rigg at

When you're making a career change, it can feel uncomfortable (and difficult) to answer questions about it – whether that's from friends, family, or people who have the power to help you. But is there a way to take back control of the conversation?
   Writing from the trenches of her own shift, Katie Rigg believes so.
   As career changers, we’re often advised to make use of our network… But from my own experience, this can be a massive struggle.

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Ears to the Ground

Listening may be a lost art but it’s crucial in a job search

If you’re like most people, you spent the formative years of life being told to listen. Listen to your parents. Listen to your teachers. Listen to your elders. Listen to your big brother or sister. Listen. Listen. Listen.
   Even now medical professionals are telling us to listen to our bodies to see what maladies they’re announcing.
   And, of course, today, listening is a crucial part of your job search.   MORE 

Watching a Presentation

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Unemployment Data

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