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Get Unstuck at 50+:

7 Tactics That Will Help You Out of Your Career Rut

by Wendy Marx at

Do you feel stuck in your career? This is something that happens to all of us, especially those of us who have careers after 50. But it does not mean you should throw in the towel. You can get unstuck at any age, including 50+, and start enjoying your career again.

    Think for a moment about when you get into a literal rut on the road. You no doubt have strategies to get yourself out. It might mean adding weight to your trunk or putting something down for your tires to grip. Heck, it might even mean calling your friend with the big truck to pull you out.

    The point is, you would never throw up your hands and give up, leaving your car to sink in the mud. And the same goes for a career rut.

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Fighting the Double-Whammy of Ageism, Sexism

by Kathy Gurchiek at

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As they grow older, women face more misperceptions about their dedication and productivity in the workplace. "Gendered ageism" is a type of sexism affecting women in their 40s and beyond. A 2021 academic study found that "if ageism is undoubtedly problematic for older workers' identity processes, ageism and gender-stereotypes represent a double risk for women over 50 in the workplace."

OK Boomer: 5 Surprising Insights

Into What Gen-Z Workers Want In A Job

by Mark C. Perna at

Ask enough older workers what it’s like to work with younger colleagues, and you’re almost guaranteed to get at least one eye roll in response. When older business leaders and workers are surveyed about younger workers, many voice their frustration over Gen-Z’s alleged entitlement, short attention spans and desire for immediate gratification. Some critics also point to the unwelcome intrusion of so-called helicopter parents into the workplace.

    While Gen-Z’s viral phrase “OK, Boomer”—and Boomers’ swift comeback “OK, Zoomer”—may be unique to our time, this kind of intergenerational friction isn’t.

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You Really Like Me

Likability can go a long way in a job search

No doubt there is some clinical phrase or term that describes people who just have to be liked. Some people will go to incredible extremes to ensure that they are liked. Most psychologists most likely will agree that this is not the healthiest of conditions.

    Yet, likability is a major driving force in the job search.   MORE

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