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3 Ways To Quantify Your Experience With Numbers

Job seekers often struggle quantifying work experience writing their resumes

by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez and Jenna Arcand at

woman working at desk

Just Say No to Ageism
– Including Your Own!

Internalized ageism happens when an older person accepts the negative stereotypes, biases, and discrimination about aging

by Right At Home at

Woman making presentationi

By the Next Decade, 25 Percent
of U.S. Workforce May Be 55 or Older

Globally, 150 million jobs will shift to older workers
by the next decade

by Laurel Kalser at

older man and woman

So Much to Prepare for
Preparation is critical for all networking meetings, not just interviews

➔    There is a regular laundry list of things you should do to prepare for a job interview. That list is widely known and readily accessible. The same can be said of any meetings (or interviews, if you will) where there is no specific job in question. 

Senior Man Working from Home

“I’m confused about how to get a job. You scour Indeed or Handshake. You send in cover letters and don’t hear back. Which of these jobs are really open? You just have to network? But how do you get into a field when you don’t know people yet?”

                                          —   Dodie Lee Weinberg,

                   on the challenges of finding employment,

                                                      New York Times

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