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Demographic Trends for the
50-and-Older Work Force

It might seem intuitive that the (labor force) participation rate for the older workers would have declined the fastest. But exactly the opposite has been the case.

by Jennifer Nash at

two women

How to Update Your Skills for Re-Entering
the Workforce After Retirement

Retirees used the increased flexibility of retirement to seek different opportunities


man working on laptop

10 Things To Immediately Do On LinkedIn

Things to know about LinkedIn before it will be valuable tool

by John Heckers and Jenna Arcand at


With a Little Help from Your Friends
They’re Always There When You Need Them

➔    How many times can we say it? How many times can you hear it? From how many different people can you hear it? Networking is the cornerstone of all job seeking. It’s the people you meet and impress who are most likely to steer you to your next job.

City Center

“I consulted with the American Press Institute for 20 years. On one occasion, with about 40 reporters in the session, a guy from the New York Times complained that his employers didn’t pay adequately, his office computer was ancient, the hours were awful, and he was seldom praised but often criticized. ’Why don’t you leave?’ I asked.


“‘Are you crazy?’ he said, ‘I love this work!’”


                                                         —   Alan Weiss

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