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8 Steps for Re-Entering the Workforce After a Long Absence

“…returning to work after your career break can be daunting, but with some preparation, positivity and patience, you can be successful in your next venture.”

from Indeed 

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Get Over-50s Back to Work to Tackle UK Labour Shortage

by Mark Sweney at

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14 LinkedIn Trends
Job Seekers Should Prepare For This Year

from Forbes Coaches Council

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Are there any constants in this ever-changing job market?

➔    Again and again we continually hear about the changes in the job market. First there were the changes wrought by technology – ATS, online jobs boards, video interviews, remote work, etc. Then there was the pandemic which turned the entire globe on its ear. That was soon followed by the Great Resignation (or The Big Quit, if you prefer).

    When you factor in that older job seekers haven’t looked for a job in years – maybe decades – that just magnifies those gut-wrenching changes all the more.

Morning Rush Hour

Size Matters
While the percentage of applicants to interviews barely changes depending on the organization size, the interview-to-job-offer ratio is highest in companies with 5,000+ employees: 41 percent of candidates interviewed by the largest organizations receive a job offer (20 percent in companies with less than 500 employees).  

—   Jobvite