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‘I Hope to Keep Going as Long as Possible’

The older people returning to work

by Heather Stewart at

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The Future Is Ageless

How To End Ageism In The Workplace

by Kellie Walenciak at

mature teacher+

Self-Employed Benefits & Why Not Everyone Should Work For Themselves

Are you thinking about working for yourself?
Consider this first…

by J.T. O'Donnell at

self employed

A Point of Reference
What’s not in your resume

➔    There are so many elements that go into a complete job search. Seemingly, any one of them can either make or break your chances of landing that next position.

    Among these elements are the dreaded job references. Here are a few thoughts and observations about the 21st Century job reference.

Business Meeting at a Cafe

 “I’d say broadly, clients were more cautious, more conservative, more tentative than we had counted on.” – M. Keith Waddell, CEO of Robert Half, on the economic challenges recruiting companies are facing.

                                                    —   Bloomberg

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