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The UK is getting aggressive
People Over 50: Half Your Country’s Talent, Half Your Market.

Talent strapped companies are struggling to find and retain skilled employees. A plentiful older talent pool… is finding it hard to get a job. 

by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox at

senior businessman looking up

Over 50: Networking, Your Job Search Advantage

Studies of successful job seekers consistently find that 70% – 90% of candidates… found their new positions through networking

by Phyllis Mufson at


Rebuilding Your Network After a Layoff

Essential steps to take


man in coffee shop

I Can See You
Are you ready for your close up?

➔    One of the amazing things about the modern day job search is the many tools that the world has given us to aid us in our search. If you’ve been at this any length of time, you are probably already well acquainted with all the usual suspects. Today, we’ll look at one of those tools to find some additional help that may not be evident to the casual observer.

Video Conference

South Koreans… work around 1,915 hours a year, compared to an average of 1,791 in the U.S.

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