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Common Challenges
Facing Older Workers

The job market can be a difficult place to navigate for any job seeker, but for mature workers, the challenge is even greater

from City Personnel

older workers

6 Tips to Age Proof Your Resume

When it feels like too much experience
actually counts against you

by Brandon Ballenger at

older man sipping coffee

How To Thoughtfully List Job References On A Resume

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t
put references on a resume

by Goldie Chan at

man working in blue shirt

What Can You Tell Me About Yourself?
Reciting your resume isn’t good enough

➔    Perhaps the most ubiquitous question in a job interview is, “Tell me about yourself.” Many interviewers use it simply as a conversation starter. (OK. Some use it because they don’t know what else to say, but they are not the majority.)

Business Conference

In March of 2022, temporary workers made up 2.1 percent of the workforce, the highest share in decades. But since then, the percentage of temporary workers has fallen steadily, and in April 2023, temporary workers accounted for 1.93 percent of the workforce.


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