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More Workers Are Starting Their Jobs In Debt

Under “Training Repayment Agreements”

by Elena Botella at

A new study by Jonathan F. Harris, associate professor of law at Loyola Law School, finds that more workers are starting their jobs in debt to their employers under Training Repayment Agreements. Under these agreements, workers who quit their jobs or are fired within a set time period are required to pay their employers money, ostensibly, to offset the costs of training.
   The debt amounts can be high. In Ohio, a roofing product sales company made their salespeople repay $42,000 if they left the job in three years or less, a training repayment agreement that was upheld by the court.

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I’m 69 and Not Getting Hired

– Should I Dye My Grey Hair?

by Greg Giangrande at

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I just turned 69 and I’m feeling I might be a victim of age discrimination. I recently replied to three job postings with the same restaurant chain and got interviews for each. After each one I received the same reply: “The position is no longer available.” I fear my grey hair is my downfall. I’m considering one of those grey reducing shampoos. What do you think?
    Age discrimination is against the law, but really bad hair dye should be equally outlawed. 

Are You A Female Over 45? Guess What? You're Invisible

by Frances J. Trelease at

Don’t blame it on the numbers. According to state Census Bureau numbers, more than half a million women between 45-54 call Connecticut their home. Another 177,000 are 55 and older. They outnumber men slightly. 
    Yet increasingly, ageism is hitting home for vibrant, talented women of a certain age who, arguably, feel the sting more acutely in their personal, social and professional lives.

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Come September… Or, Sooner

Will jobs groups resume live meetings soon?

The word on the street is that many groups – jobs groups and networking groups – are planning to return to live events. The general consensus is that those events will start in September, but some have already shed the Covid cloak and are meeting in person.
    In case you’ve forgotten, although there are many similarities, networking in person is a different game.   MORE 

Team Discussion

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