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by Ashley Stahl at

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reported that as of January 2022, nearly a third of all job seekers were over the age of 50. So why is it that when employers are desperate for workers, they're skipping one of the hardest working generations actively looking for work?

    …It could be because of their age. Unfortunately, ageism is real.   MORE

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New Recruiters
What ‘exactly’ are they trying to do

➔    As you struggle through the morass known as the modern-day job search, you’re most likely in search of whatever person, place or thing that would have the possibility of lightening your load. The corporate recruiter should in all probability be included on that list.   MORE

Team Meeting
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We Only Hire Gen Z! Oops, Sorry,
It Was a Joke

Imagine a light-hearted TikTok video saying, “We openly discriminate against older people!”

by Suzanne Lucas at

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