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Workers In Their Late 30s And Older Face Ageism In A Recession
— Here’s How To Fight Back

There is a fear amongst experienced workers
that they’ll be selected for downsizing due to their age

by Jack Kelly at

older man staring at computer

Absolutely Crazy Employment Status
in the United States for those 55+ [Podcast]

We are living in really strange times both good and bad
for those who are over the age of 55 in the U.S.


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9 Things Recruiters Search for on LinkedIn

There are 830 million professionals using LinkedIn… with profiles with which you’re competing for attention

by AnnaMarie Houlis at

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It’s Not for Everybody
Job seekers have many options from which to choose

➔    It’s hard to believe that there is any good news for an older job seeker in today’s job market. But there is. One of the advantages of being older and looking for a job today is that you have many, many choices. 

Working from Home

You’ve Got Rights!
What Are The Rights of A Job Applicant?

Finding and getting hired for a new job is not an easy process. In many cases, applicants are not even aware that they are being treated wrongly. Find out more.

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