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Finding a Job: Tips for the Over-50s Job Seeker

by Lana Alibabic at

If you find yourself in a position of having to find a new job in 2021, fear not – we’ve got plenty of tips to inspire and motivate you to your next position.
    Most people in their 50s are settled into a career and have been for many years. However, there may come a time when the need to search for a new job or even a total career change presents itself. The recent Coronavirus outbreak has forced many employers to cut back on staff, leaving many looking for a new position.
    But what has changed and how easy will it be to move into a new job?

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How to Start Job Hunting

When You’ve Been Out of the Workforce

by Suzanne Lucas at

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Whether you took time off to stay home with the kids, or take care of an ailing relative, or got laid off and haven’t been able to find work for a while, it can be difficult to get back to work. Hopefully, these tips can help you move forward!
   If you had an active career before you left the workforce, you have something to work with, but it’s out of date. And what do you do with the time you weren’t working?

How to Improve Your Job Search

by Marcelle Yeager at

It’s easy to get pumped up when you’ve thought about looking for a new job. You talk to people, think about it, and start to put yourself out there. But if you haven’t created a strategy for how to go after that next job, it’s going to be rough and take a long time, unless you get lucky. And most of us are not in that boat. 
   Whenever a client says to me, “I’m open to anything. I’m a jack of all trades!” I get nervous for them. Why? Because if you don’t narrow down your targets, no employer is going to take the time to do it for you. 
   Gone are the days where employers took a lot of time reviewing your resume to determine if you have all the characteristics and skills they need.

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Coming Soon to a Job Search Near You

With the weather moderating, summer can’t be far behind

Think about it. When you were working, summer meant vacation. Time at the beach. Time with the kids. Picnics. Ball games. Etc., etc.
   And now for the bad news, there is no vacation in job search.   MORE 

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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