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Don’t Let Race And Age Bias Discourage Your LinkedIn Profile Photo Upload

When profile photos and years of experience are missing,
it can mean job seekers are hoping to avoid the barriers of bias

by Jennifer Magley at

older woman in office

Hired at 65!

As ageism in the workplace persists, major demographic shifts will force employers to rethink the value of an older workforce that isn’t ready to hang it up

by Doug Geiling at

older man shaking hands

Here Are 5 Employment Trends for 2023

Benefits will play a major role in recruitment and retention


Need A Job

Filling the Vacuum
No one likes to lose, however…

➔    There may be nothing more discouraging for any job seeker than to discover that you were passed over for another candidate. This is especially troubling when you know that you were among the finalists.

Work desk

48.8 percent of women report

feeling undervalued at work. 

                                              —   HR Dive

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