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5 Strategies For Using Your Age As A Secret Weapon In Your Executive Job Search

It’s essential to consider your age as an advantage

by Tim Madden at

mature working woman posing

I Was a Boomer at a Startup

Between the “idea jams” and yoga sessions, I learned valuable lessons about innovating and collaborating

by Stephanie Feuer at

Older man making a point

Reinventing Your Career?
5 Steps To Assess Your Transferable Skills

Stop thinking of yourself as just a job title

by Dan Citrenbaum and Jenna Arcand at

older woman looking at tablet

A Conundrum
Will what worked yesterday still work today?

➔    There is a school of thought that has been around for decades which says that one reason why people have such difficulty finding jobs is that they were never taught.  There is some evidence of that.

Reviewing CV

So fat people face discrimination, skinny people face discrimination, unattractive people face discrimination, and people who are not the right height (whatever that is?) face discrimination. Most people never truly know why they didn't get the job… It's easier to say "I didn't get it because… 

                                        —   Evil HR Lady + Inc.

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