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5 Myths About Age and Ageism

Age is just a number: the 5 biggest myths about ageism that must be removed after searches for discrimination support reaches all time high


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Are You Considering an Unretirement Career Pivot?

Here are a few quality examples

by Marc Miller at

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Age Discrimination in the Workplace Has Increased Post-Pandemic

Older workers who lost jobs during the pandemic are struggling to get re-hired

by Tyrah Majors at

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Time to Fake it
Practice makes perfect

➔    There’s that old phrase “fake it till you make it.” While that may be appropriate in some instances, that’s hardly a wise strategy during a job search. Playing it straight while job seeking is the only way to go.

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Going Global

In China, “about two out of three people among the 1,368 respondents aged 60 or over, showed a strong desire to reenter the job market after retiring.”


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