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by Joanna Hughes at

According to U.S. News and World Report, 70 percent of human resource experts believe older workers have a strong work ethic. Based on the number of adults over the age of 50 who are part of the workforce, this assessment seems accurate. For older Americans seeking employment, the need many companies have for their skills and experience makes finding a job easier.   MORE

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When tech goes bad

➔    Is there anything more frustrating for a job seeker than having to deal with all the technology surrounding today’s job search? You submit your resume to the ATS (automated tracking system), but, depending on the system, you may not even know for certain that the resume has gone through and been accepted electronically, much less ever reviewed by an living, breathing human being.

    And, if you’re an older applicant who is not comfortable with the technology, your frustration is amplified all the more.   MORE


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