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How to Bring New Energy
to Your Job Search

Job searches can be tough, especially if you don't find the right fit right away

by Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley at

white-haired woman working

Age Discrimination and Age Stereotypes in Job Ads

Studies suggest that employers discriminate
against older workers in hiring, responding less favorably
to equally qualified job applicants who are older

by Ian Burn, Daniel Firoozi, Daniel Ladd, and David Neumark

at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

were hiring

Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About Ageism?

It's the one form of discrimination that is likely to affect us all

by Josh Sims at

older woman at work

Double Back Around
It can be lovelier the second time around

➔    We’ve talked before about the importance of keeping good job-search records.  What people you’ve contacted.  What companies you’ve contacted.  Where you’ve left/submitted your resume.  Who you need to call back and when.  The list goes on. On the one hand, the reasoning behind this seems somewhat obvious.  But there is a hidden treasure here.

Two Men in Office

I was discussing ChatGPT with a new LinkedIn connection on how they were using ChatGPT. She responded with the following: “You copy a job description and modify the beginning to ‘I am applying for…’ And when it replies you ask it to create a cover letter for that job description, it’s mind blowing.”

                                            —   Career Pivot

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