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While being unemployed for three months can sometimes seem like an eternity… research suggests that many job seekers won’t experience any disadvantage from that status.


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Here's where retirees can find new jobs at age 62 or older

In New Jersey, the proportion of Americans
65 and up working has risen by almost 19 percentage points

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Trial by Ordeal
We know job interviews are tests, but really…

➔    It’s expected that job interviews are a kind of test. The employer is testing whether or not you can show up on time, whether you will be dressed appropriately, whether you will exhibit some degree of professionalism, etc., etc.

    There are some employers who take this concept to another level. How you, the candidate, responds may determine whether or not you get the job offer. 

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You’re Not Alone

“People aged over 35 in China have less choice when it comes to job hunting and yet this is the age group that is most actively seeking employment.”   —   Yicai Global


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