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Being Proactive Will Open Opportunities For Older Workers

by Jill Griffin at

Older workers lost jobs faster and returned to work slower last year than mid-career workers, according to a study by The New School’s Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis that tracked unemployment from April through September of 2020. The study found that for the first time since 1973, workers 55 and older faced persistently higher unemployment rates than workers ages 35 to 54.   MORE

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Older Workers and “The Big Quit”

Some older workers are jumping at the chance for a new start; others aren't so lucky

by Chris Farrell at

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You probably heard: Meghan McCain is leaving ABC 's "The View" after nearly four years. Among her reasons for quitting is that COVID-19 "has changed the world for all of us."… Few of us have the net worth or name recognition of Meghan McCain, who's 36. Yet her sentiment resonates among many who've worked throughout the pandemic, often tethered to their computers at home.
    Record numbers of workers are part of what's been dubbed "The Big Quit" or "The Great Resignation."

Good Icebreakers For A Networking Event

by Aaron Sanborn and Jenna Arcand at

After months of saying that you're going to strengthen your professional network, you've finally decided that it's time for the rubber to meet the road and attend a networking event.
   Getting up and going to a networking event is half the battle. But the hardest part is talking to people and building new connections. Indeed recently published a list of potential networking icebreakers that go beyond "the average icebreaker." Some of these icebreakers are solid, but first things first: establish a conversation and then try some of these icebreakers out.


Turning the Tables

You can ask questions too. Maybe the same ones.

It was only 18 months ago that we were talking about the massive changes facing job seekers in the third decade of the 21st Century. And those changes have been massive.
   Then along comes the pandemic and now another layer of workforce changes have been piled on the underlayment of changes that already existed. In case you’re wondering, there will probably more changes coming down the pike before it all calms down..   MORE 

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