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Build Habits Over 50

Surprising Keys to Change Your Mind

by John Tarnoff at

woman writing

Does the Format of My Resume Reveal
I Am a More Senior Job Seeker? 

When a candidate needs to highlight
relevant versus recent experience

from Dear Sam at

older man looking at tablet

Time is NOT Your Friend

It’s aggravating to reach the end of the day feeling like we’ve “run out” of time


man waiting at work

Chances are Remote
Remote jobs add an entirely new wrinkle to job seeking

➔    It used to be that there was a not insignificant number of workers who were totally distraught over the work environment, who just wanted to “get away.” Well, along comes the pandemic and the move toward remote working and their prayers were answered. Almost.

Mature Businesswoman

Seasonal hiring is still in full swing as we head into the holidays. According to new LinkedIn data, no seasonal role has as many openings this year as “salesperson,” followed by drivers and retail jobs like cashiers and sales specialists.

                                                              — LinkedIn

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