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How to Spot Signs of a Toxic Culture in the Job Description

“The thought of digging through job postings made me want to swallow a Lactaid and eat blocks of cheddar.”

by April Zimmerman at

older man with laptop

How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Have you committed a major LinkedIn profile crime?

by Wendy Marx at

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Employers Cannot Favor ‘Early Career’ Hires Over Older Candidates

“When recruiting and hiring millennials or Generation Z, it’s important not to shut out baby boomers and other older workers.”

by Laurel Kalser at

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Do You Speak the Lingo?
Right or wrong, jargon is rampant in some industries

➔    When you’re preparing for an interview with a company – especially a company that’s in an unfamiliar industry, there is much more to investigate and prepare for than a meeting within an industry with which you’re familiar. As if a standard interview isn’t stressful enough.

Corridor Meeting

“If I was to go gray, it would be an even more constant reminder that I’m older than every member of my team.”—Julie Marie Totsch, a 54-year-old software developer, talking about the anxiety of showing her gray hair at work.

                        — The Wall Street Journal

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