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Job Applicants Need
to Meet Expectations

Some employers appreciate the opportunity
to hire an older person


Older man making a point

Writing Your Resume After Age 50

Having a strategically written resume can help
make age a non-issue


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Career Change 101:
Essential Tips For A Successful Transition

It's important to plan and consider all options carefully

by Luciana Paulise at

man and woman reviewng file

People Who Need People
That pretty much includes everyone

➔    Talk about taking advice from wherever you can find it.  How much job search wisdom do you think you’ll find on Broadway?  Bob Merrill’s lyrics from Funny Girl speak volumes. “People who need people.”  Do you really think that you can find a job without relying on people?  You can’t.

Working with Vintage Typewriter

A FlexJobs survey found that the reasons for changing careers are wanting a remote job (50 percent), higher pay (48 percent), better work-life balance (46 percent), more meaning/fulfillment (40 percent), expanding skill set (30 percent), etc.

                                                      — Forbes

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