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    Employers struggling to find workers in today’s tight job market may need to look more closely at older candidates to fill vacancies, experts say. Too often, employers have biases against workers over 50, believing they’re on the retirement track, and missing out on skilled candidates.

    “In a supply-short market, good people are hard to find … You can get so much value from the mature worker; 9.8 times out of 10 they’re going to be terrific employees,” says Alan Kearns, managing partner and founder of CareerJoy, a national people and culture firm that works with both employers and jobseekers.   MORE

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Never Say Never
Even if you don’t want the job, never turn down an interview

➔    As you traverse through your job search, no doubt you’ll uncover many, many jobs. Some may be just what you want and you pursue those as if there was no tomorrow. As well you should.

    There are other job opportunities that, shall we say, are less than desirable. And that’s OK too.  MORE

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