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Let’s Talk About the Very Real Target
on the Backs of People as They Get Older: Ageism

“I’m afraid… about aging out of my job.”

by Rebekah Sager at

job-interview leaving

Zero-Hours Contracts Among Over-50s Hit Highest Level Recorded

The insecurity of not knowing
whether one is working or not

by Amelia Hill at

biz woman by window

Think You Are Too Old to Start Over?

Don't underestimate what you will bring to the role — and what you'll learn

by Randi Mazzella at

older man at desk with coffee

What Do You Bring to the Table?
Merely reciting your work history won’t cut it anymore

➔    Ask anyone what advantages that mature job seekers have in the workplace and they’ll say it’s their experience. Let’s face it, you could not have gotten to where you are without experience.


6,000 U.S. companies are partly or wholly employee-owned, an arrangement that often significantly increases employee wealth and business performance. 

                                                           —   Wharton

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