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Tips for How To Get a Good Job After 50

The following tips can improve your chances
of getting a good job at any age

from Glassdoor

older worker with glasses

10 Things to Know About Older Workers and the Labor Shortage

Why is the older worker finally coming into vogue?

by Helen Dennis at

woman with folded arms

We All Have Opinions About What Employers Want

1,600 HR Professionals – What Makes Them Tick

by Joseph Ortenzi, Skills Enrichment Group, Inc.

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The Raw Recruit
Help can be found in people who job search for a living

➔    Most any job advice column will go on about the importance of “relationships” in your job search. LinkedIn – one of the more significant changes in the job-search world over the past decade – was founded on the idea of “building relationships.” When most job seekers talk about building relationships in their job searches, they’re talking about colleagues, former co-workers, people met through various forms of networking, etc. And they’re right.

Business Partners

Nearly one-quarter of jobs worldwide are expected to change due to AI, digitization and other developments in the next five years.

                                        —   World Economic Forum 

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