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Older Workers: Joblessness and Dropping Out

by Teresa Ghilarducci at

The Covid-19 recession, like all recessions, threatens the wealth and retirement security of millions of workers. Job loss prompts people to stop saving, raid their nest eggs or go into debt by falling behind on their rent and mortgage payments. Most workers nearing retirement had insufficient retirement savings even before the recession, and many planned to delay retirement and work longer to save more. But the Covid-19 pandemic and recession made that hopeful plan to work longer even more difficult…

    Even in normal times, the older workers have a harder time finding new jobs after leaving or being tossed out of work.

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

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“Look for Skills, Not Credentials”:

Beth Cobert on Tapping into U.S. Talent

by Daniel Pacthod and Michael Park at

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As one of only a few individuals ever to have held the title of chief performance officer of the United States, Beth Cobert knows all too well that the performance of an organization—or a country, for that matter—depends heavily on the skills and capabilities of its people. Today, finding and advancing solutions to build the skills of American workers is her primary focus.

Job Scams Are on the Rise —

Here’s How to Spot Them and Steer Clear

by Lisa Rabasca Roepe at

…part of a growing problem. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) had already deemed employment scams the riskiest type of scam in 2018 and 2019. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the huge spike in unemployment that followed “has created a ‘perfect storm’ for scammers,” the BBB wrote in an April 2020 report, finding that the risk of job scams was continuing to trend upward.

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Look Around

Surveying the landscape of today’s job search

Much has been said about the changing landscape of today’ job search. What with LinkedIn, ATS (automated tracking systems), online jobs board, video interviews, etc., this is not the way you looked for a job when you first entered the workforce.

    That’s all well and good, but there’s more.

    Your Personal Marketing Collateral has changed as well. MORE

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