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Using Pieces of a Career Crash to Build Something New

This executive regrouped with some former colleagues and created an online market for extraordinary products

by Stephanie Weinberger at

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If You’re ‘Unretiring’ and Collecting Social Security, Here’s What to Know Before Heading Back to Work

by Lorie Konish at


What to Put As A LinkedIn Title And Headline If Unemployed?



Are You in Focus?
How dialed-in are you on your job search?

➔    We hear a lot about being focused. Companies are focused – on the bottom line; on new products; on cutting expenses; on their employees; etc. Employees are focused as well – on a promotion; on a raise; on the new assistant; on their plans for the weekend; and some are even focused on doing their jobs.

Documents and Blurred Business Men

Got you covered?

     If recruiters were to collectively lampoon one aspect of their jobs… what do you wager they’d target?

     For Meta recruiter Nicole Fernandez-Valle, cover letters are downright useless. In a LinkedIn post that went viral earlier this month, Fernandez-Valle detailed her gripes with the hiring-process formality, opening with, “I’m a recruiter and I hate cover letters.”