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What Do Older Adults Want in the Workplace?

Great retirement — or great shedding? Quiet quitting — or quiet firing? Retired — or unretiring?

from Changing the Narrative — with the Encore Network and students from University of Colorado’s Graduate School of Public Affairs

older man at desk with coffee

How to Create, Live and Sell Your Personal Brand (podcast)

Many of you will need to rebrand for an encore career, switching industries, or pivoting careers

from Marc Miller at


How to Explain a Work Gap When Returning to Corporate

It can be seen as a red flag by some employers


two women on couch

Can Anyone Here Make a Decision?
Knowing which buttons to push may reduce your job-search frustration

➔    After you’ve invested considerable time and effort in preparing for and sitting through a job interview, it can be incredibly frustrating to learn that your interviewer has little or no say in the final decision. It’s much worse when you find that out later after your frustration has had a chance to build.

Two Men in Office
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