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Get Back to Work After 50
Professional Mentoring Program

Show employers that age should never be
an impediment to success


older worker pointing to screen

AI Interviews: What They Are
and How They Work

With the proper preparation, you can still make
a winning impression during your AI interview

by Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley at

man with suit and tie

5 Attractive Reasons To Join A Family Business Despite Being An Outsider

Research shows that family businesses
actually last longer than other kinds of companies

by Liz Kislik at

older man and woman at work

I’m Just Looking
Unlike retail, looking for a job does cost

➔    Talk about a conundrum.  You’re out of work; there’s no money coming in; the bills are piling up; and yet you know that you need to spend some money on your job search.  So where do you spend, what do you cut?

Working from Home

“It’s okay for your career and passion to be different, and may even help with work-life balance.”

                                                —   New York Times

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