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Study Shows Automated Résumé Scanner

Mistakenly Rejects Millions of Viable Job Candidates

99% of Fortune 500 companies and 75% of the US employers Harvard surveyed

use an automated scanner to initially filter candidates

by Sherry Qin at

Waiting to hear back for a job interview? Your résumé might never have gotten into human hands. Popular software used by companies to screen job applicants has filtered out more than 10 million potential employees, new Harvard Business School research shows.
   How does the tech work? An automatic screener largely relies on “negative” logic to reduce the size of the applicant pool. Résumés—even those of well-qualified candidates—can get lost in a black hole because of things… keywords that don’t match up with the job description.

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My Satisfying Return to Work

After Months Away During the Pandemic

I'm a 79-year-old part-time librarian and happy to resume the job I love

by Vivian Conan at

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Today was my first day at work in a year and a half. I was nervous. I wasn't sure how much I remembered – procedures, where files and supplies were. Also, the library had gotten a new phone system and a new computer system in my absence, and much of the collection had been moved around.
   I needn't have worried. It turned out to be the best day I have had since the pandemic began.

Vivian Conan

How to Highlight Transferable Skills

Versus Recent Job Experiences on Your Resume

from Dear Sam at

Most of my career has been in the financial industry, primarily in retail branch banking. I am looking to move into office management… How do I tailor my resume to reflect the parallels between the two industries with similar skill sets?
   Illustrating the transferability of one’s skills is a common dilemma in resume development. One of the key ways you can do so is to create a qualifications summary presenting the high-level administrative functions you have performed and the office and operational environments you have managed.

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Guest Blog

Want to Stand Out from the Crowd?

You have a story. Tell it.

by Joseph Ortenzi, MA, CRC from Skills Enrichment Group, Inc.

Recently I was asked: “Do employers read cover letters?” Well it depends.
   If you are sorted out by an applicant tracking system (APS), I doubt it.  Smaller companies (less than 50 employees) might read your cover letter. To ensure your letter is read, ask the person who suggested the company to recommend someone to whom you should address your letter.   MORE 

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