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People Are Sharing What It's Like To Job-Hunt Over 50 — And It's Harrowing

When you are over 50, the odds are stacked against you

by Monica Torres at

older woman concerned

9 Tips for Mature Job Seekers

There are steps you can take to navigate
this challenge

by Randy Samsel at

older woman at desk

Job Search Sprint Experience
Thursday, May 9, 2024
7:00 – 7:30 p.m. ET

Join this live Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 749 802 5718
Passcode: nkbwiBK55*

Looking for a Nonprofit Job?
3 Reasons to Pursue an Onsite Role

“I’ve come to love the opportunity to work onsite.”

by Jaxx Artz at

biz woman with folder


Going Back to Basics
Everything old is new again

➔    Here’s a social notion that you need not keep at a distance. Ask anyone in the “jobs” business – that is: recruiters, job coaches, hiring managers, human resource professionals, – and overwhelmingly they will state unequivocally that networking may be the most important part of anyone’s job search.

       This is true for anyone – old or young, man or woman, white collar or blue collar, etc., etc.



“There is no cooling off in the need for good people, people who straddle AI tech and business. There’s just not enough of them…Some companies just are not willing to pay whatever it takes to get the best people.” — Greg Selker, a managing director at executive leadership consultancy Stanton Chase, on the competition for AI talent.

                                                 — Business Insider

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