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Defying ageist stereotypes of elderly people as technophobic and frail

by Amelia Hill at

     Research has found increasing numbers of accounts belonging to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers. Using the platform to showcase their energy and vibrancy, these TikTok elders are rewriting expectations around how older people should behave both on and off social media.      Read the complete article.

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Workplace Ageism
4 In 10 Hiring Managers Admit To Age Bias

by Emma Ascott at

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The True Cost of a Job Search
The hiring process can be mysterious, inflexible and full of unpaid labor for candidates

by Jennifer Kho at

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Take it again, from the top

➔    No doubt you’ve heard the experts expound on how you have to do research on any company with whom you have an interview.  And good advice it is.

    But wait!  There’s more. Before you even schedule an interview, you need to begin preparing.


Age Diversity Day —

Thursday, June 9, 2022

    As custodian of Champion Age Diversity Day, The Age Diversity Forum is delighted to invite you to a very special live event on June 9th, hosted by Age Diversity Champions, Hansuke.

    We are celebrating Age Diversity in the workforce on June 9th with a live international event featuring a keynote address and a panel discussion with inclusion speakers from international industry and academia.   MORE INFORMATION


Digital Confidence Workshop

for 50+ on June 9 & 10

NEW Solutions will be hosting another Digital Confidence Workshop on June 9 & 10.  This is a free, two-day virtual workshop focusing on digital computer skills and is open to adults 50+ throughout the country! This will be a repeat of our fantastic event back on April 7 & 8.


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