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The State of the Job Market — 2021

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We’ve decided to dedicate this issue to one particular topic that is probably on your minds: jobs. Read on for info on the "Great Resignation," youth employment prospects, and the surge in hiring bonuses.

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

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Career Experts Say Mature Workers Have Lots to Offer

by Jennifer Cox at

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Mature workers are often a category of job hunters that don’t get the recognition they deserve. While many employers seem to be looking for younger people to hire, employment experts say that it is actually the workers who are 45 years old and over who are the most responsible, professional, and knowledgeable. And, in the end, they can be a huge asset to the workforce…
   “A mature worker is loyal and they are the ones who are going to stay put,” said Barbara Stern, Manager of Employability Services at Ometz, a charitable organization that offers a range of employment, immigration, school, and social services. “They’re not looking for another job – this is what they want. They are not looking to grow or move up, and they bring so much experience and work ethic to the table… If someone is older and lacking computer skills, for example, you can teach them Word or Excel to make them proficient and it only takes a few days.”

Avoid Internet Crooks When Searching Online for a Job

LinkedIn has 9 tips to spot job scams

by Marie Rohde at

Forty-eight-year-old Stephen Somers, a freelance artist in Wisconsin, got an unsolicited email in May asking if he was interested in a job designing characters for an online game company. It was like a lucrative project he had completed for a California video game company, and he thought the new opportunity was good karma…
   Somers searched his new gig online and found nothing amiss.
   Little did he suspect that the pandemic has meant boom times for crooks dangling fake job offers in front of idled workers, some desperate to make ends meet.

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What Are They Really Asking?

There is nothing inherently wrong with an aol email address, but…

Over the years interviewers have developed a lot of tricks to determine an applicant’s age without actually asking – which is technically illegal.
   Among these telltale signs are…    MORE 

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