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Evidence-Based Hiring Will Be The New Normal In 2024 & Beyond

ChatGPT has sped up the death of the resume

by J.T. O'Donnell at

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Older Applicants Who Are Entitled
to a Subsidy Are Rated Worse in Terms of Productivity

Candidates who qualify are less recommended
for a job interview or to be finally hired





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The Myth of Men’s Full-Time Employment

In fact, men’s labor force participation
has been steadily declining since the 1970s

by Bryan Keogh at

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What Are We Trying to Accomplish Here?
Networker: Know thyself!

➔    Virtually all experts agree that networking is an essential cog in the wheel of your job search. We, of course, agree as well. Aside from the obvious (“I want a job!”), what are you trying to accomplish through your networking? Is it possible to have different goals and aims at different networking events?

Networking Group


Gone are the days when hiring decisions were made based on college education and previous experience alone. Skills-based hiring, or hiring that evaluates candidates based on competencies and skills, has taken off: 70 percent of employers consider skills more effective when evaluating candidates than résumés.  

                                                            — HR Brew

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