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How Baby Boomers Can Navigate The Changing Job Market

by Tammy Homegardner at

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The STAR of the Show
Remember this simple little trick for your next interview

➔    Your best bet when seeking a new job is the job interview. Just as the world as a whole has become more sophisticated, so has the fine art of job seeking as well as its component parts.

    At minimum keeping up with, and perhaps even exceeding the norm, the job interview has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, just as the interviewers have upped their games as well.

Reviewing CV

Stat: Older employees (55–64) who can work remotely are more likely to jump at the chance to do so than their younger colleagues (18–24), averaging 3.1 remote days a week compared to 2.5. Also, 61% of U.S. men have been offered the chance to work remotely, compared with only 52% of U.S. women.  (McKinsey & Company)