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by Chris Farrell at

Chris Thorson, age 55, is very busy. He has a side hustle making Scandinavian knives; he’s a high school volunteer mountain bike coach in Minneapolis; and he’s board chair of the nonprofit National Center for Youth Development.

    He’s also a boomerang employee.

    What is a boomerang employee? The typical boomerang voluntarily left their employer and eventually decides to return. Boomerangs come back after putting in time at other organizations, or they may return to their company after retiring.   MORE

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What’s the Story, Morning Glory?
After all these decades you should have a library of good stories to tell

➔    You’re a mature worker. You’ve been at for several decades. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.

    During that time you must have had some interesting experiences – experiences which may cast a favorable light on your abilities, capabilities and expertise. These experiences just may be what you need to separate you from other candidates and give you a distinct advantage over those with whom you are competing for any given job.   MORE

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