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New Research Shows Job Ads Deter Applicants Age 40 And Older

Lengthening work lives for those able to work is a crucial part of the policy response to population aging

by Sheila Callaham at

woman working on smart phone

These 4 Trends Are Keeping Boomers Unemployed and Holding the U.S. Back from a Full Recovery

Failure to rehire older workers could doom the US to subpar growth and put more pressure on working Americans

by Ben Winck at

older man sitting alone

Canada, U.S. Fight Ageism in the Workplace

Older workers in both countries have been denied new career opportunities and access to job training

by Catherine Skrzypinski at


Don’t Restrict Yourself
The tastiest dishes may not be on the menu

➔    How many times have you had a server in a restaurant read the daily specials to you?  They’re not in the printed menu; they’re not posted on a display anywhere.  But they exist and you just may want to order one.  After all, why restrict yourself to simply what’s on the printed menu? The job market is not all that different. 


“Someone in the U.S. will become 65 years of age every ten seconds or so (that is not a misprint) and this vast, largely untapped source of future talent will need to be tapped in a society with an increasingly low birthrate.”

                                                —   Alan Weiss

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