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3 Career Strategists Provide Tips

on How 50+ Job Seekers Should Approach Their Search


I won’t deny that ageism exists. I’ve heard of hiring managers who’ve told their recruiters that they don’t want older candidates. Some recruiters demand to see every job you’ve held since 1984. You might have been asked on an application when you graduated from high school.

    One of my clients told me as the second question in an interview he was blatantly asked about his age. He shook his head in bewilderment as he told me about this. Another one of my clients was told in an interview, “We don’t typically hire people your age.”

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Hiring Experts Say Not to Apply via LinkedIn

by AnnaMarie Houlis at

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Applying to jobs can be daunting. It can take hours upon hours to tailor your resume to each and every application, write a new cover letter for every hiring manager, and fill out each application. But it’s all part of the process, and it’s important that you put in the time and effort necessary. How much (or how little) you put into your job applications could make or break your chances at landing an interview — and, ultimately, a job.

    LinkedIn is a great place to find job opportunities. After all, more than 675 million professionals use the platform to connect with each other. All you have to do is set up a profile with your work experiences, education, skills, interests, milestones, and any other pertinent information you want to share.

    You can even apply for jobs via LinkedIn using the Easy Apply option.

The Professional Networking Document:

How it Can Help During Your Job Search

by Bob McIntosh at

If you’re wondering what a professional networking document is, you’re probably not alone. You may have heard about professional bios, and maybe you have one; but this is a different kind of marketing document for your job search. This, as the name implies, is for networking purposes.

    The top part of your professional networking document resembles a résumé and the bottom part explains to those with whom you’re networking what you’re pursuing in terms of position/s, types of companies, and target companies. This is perhaps the most important part of your professional networking document.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

What you say in an interview may be determined by how well you’re listening

It’s often said that good sales people are good talkers. (And let’s not forget that a job interview is a sales presentation.) In reality, the best sales people excel at listening. By listening to their customers needs, true sales professionals will know how their products meet those needs.

    Do your listening skills need some attention? MORE

In Negotiation

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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