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by Richard Eisenberg at

I recently chatted with Kerry (Hannon), a longtime friend and colleague, to hear how and why older adults can take control in the new world of work, whether she thinks the hot job market has reduced age discrimination and to share lessons she learned after not getting another job recently.   MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

Why Did You Do That?
How often do you ask why you do the things
you do in your job search

➔    There is probably more advice on how to find a job than there are jobs themselves. Ask 100 people; get 100 different answers. 

    Some work. Some don’t.   MORE

Senior Man Working from Home


    For better or worse, the term “disinformation” has been bandied about in recent months. We’ve known for some time that it’s very prevalent in the world of the older job seeker.

    If you’re confronting disinformation and prejudices about older workers, you might want to check out our free download: Myths & Facts About Older Workers on the Nifty50s Tool Kit.

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